Well here i go...

I have an EeePC 701 4 gigs of SD, 512 RAM I want to install a veru}y minimalistc distro on it so it acts as a torrent slave and DLNS (is that how you Spell it?) server. I want it to be connected to an external USB HDD I have hanging around. I will use rtorrent.

Now I installed arch linux, ehich has all what I need for such setup. but... I Cannot get wireless to work, I have everything up to date, installed kerneleee (march 2012 I think, the last one currently). blacklisted ath5k undone it, installed madwifi-svn, etc etc etc.

Have checked all the solutions in the forums (this one, and arch), without luck...

Wicd and wifi-menu detect my network, bit it stays for a while validating authentication, and does not connect at all.

If I use ath_pci it simply won't detect my wireless.

I cannot use wired internet for what I need.

Please help me, I am stuck!