Hi everyone!

I installed Nanny on my little brother's Mint computer, and after being asked to install parental control, I installed Nanny. But it isn't working correctly. What I mean exactly is the following: It tends to block internet access when it shouldn't, sometimes it blocks it when it should be avaible. When it blocks it, doesn't do it the "Nanny" way (ie. white page with a top banner indicating that Nanny is blocking the access), it looks more like internet went down (other internet services seem to work fine). I also haven't been able to do a clean reinstall. I have reinstalled using purge and etc. but when I open after reinstalling my settings are sill there

Any help would be appreciated!

Also: I'm running mint 13 with cinnamon and haven't been able to find any relevant error messages by my own. No proxy settings to mess up with Nanny either