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Thread: Something to ponder about...A mixture of Gnome-panel & Unity

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    Something to ponder about...A mixture of Gnome-panel & Unity

    Something to ponder about...It is Ubuntu 12.04.1 a sort of "other distro."

    For those, who wants to tinker...and those who don't like the Unity Launcher, but the Dash and for those, who want an auto-hiding top panel...

    The screenshots would tell the story more than the words.

    Quite an interesting situation. You'd notice the open windows on the Unity launcher and on the bottom panel.

    All 3 panels--Unity launcher, top panel and the bottom panel can be auto hidden. As we can only post 5 attachments is one post, the last screenshot would be in the next post. I could delete one gnome-panel and have the other in auto hiding...

    Let's see, where this leads...

    Interestingly, all all apps work pretty swiftly!

    Good day!

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