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Thread: Ukrainian language support in IBus

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    Question Ukrainian language support in IBus

    I need to be able to type in both Ukrainian and Chinese. I've got Chinese working in IBus, but I can't seem to get Ukrainian support. I tried using the translit-ua package, but just ended up with some crazy hybrid Ukrainian-pinyin nonsense. In Arch Linux, I only needed the ibus-m17n package to have access to Ukrainian (and 100 other layouts), but installing that in Xubuntu gives me everything but. I'm also aware that I can use XFCE's built-in keyboard layout switcher, but having to use that for one language and IBus for another is an unnecessary hassle.

    So how do I go about getting a simple Ukrainian layout working in IBus without the insanity?

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    Re: Ukrainian language support in IBus

    Your quickest solution would probably be found in the freenode irc channel #ubuntu-ua

    edit: uh, nevermind. there's one guy in that channel...
    You might hang out in the russian forum Your chance of running into someone that uses Ukrainian increases over there.
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