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Thread: Ubuntu for HP Pavillion Dv6

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    Ubuntu for HP Pavillion Dv6

    Now I'm not the most literate when it comes to linux. I wanted to Ubuntu because it seemed like easiest way to get Linux on my omputer, which I need for my Computer Science coursework.

    So to avoid the pain that often comes with trying to set-up Linux, I used the Windows Installer. Now I realize I traded away some performance for convenience, but I am okay with that. So far it seems like things are working well but I do have a few problems.

    First off, it seems like I cannot edit my brightness settings. When I use my fn commands the Ubuntu bar representing brightness settings pops-up but the brightness does not actually change. This isn't the case for my sound though.

    Another problem is that the fan is always working fast and I would also like to change that. It might be related to the problem of switchable graphics. Is there anyway I can force Ubuntu to use integrated graphics instead?

    And one last question concerning hardware accesories. I have a dell mouse that I usually just plug into my computers, and the drivers install automatically. This does not seem to be the case using Ubuntu. Is there anyway around this?

    Thanks a lot guys, and I really appreciate the support. I'm glad I've finally been able to make the transition to the good side

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    Re: Ubuntu for HP Pavillion Dv6

    You have a Wubi install, not a dual-boot. Wubi is intended as 'try before you buy' and is not a permanent solution.

    ... the pain that often comes with trying to set-up Linux ...
    Did you try? If it works from the install CD when you 'try Ubuntu' then it should work just as well when installed, generally better as you can install the correct drivers for your machine. Yes, perhaps if you were installing Arch there would be a lot of time involved (not sure about pain) but with Ubuntu it is pretty straightforward.

    Wubi can be problematic ...
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