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Thread: multimonitor and gaming ati or nvidia?

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    Question multimonitor and gaming ati or nvidia?

    I need to by a new graphics card, and naturally will be running ubuntu, i want to setup 4 monitors and enjoy steam, also i want a single graphics card.
    the way i see it i have the option for ati eyefinity and nvidia surround, which one has the best multi monitor support and easy to work on ubuntu?

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    Re: multimonitor and gaming ati or nvidia?

    I have a new ATi HD 7770 in my current PC. I game, so far, mostly in Windows. I have 3 monitors setup rather easily in Windows how ever I find Eyefinity doesn't work to well with games giving un-predicatable results.

    I'm currently installing Ubuntu 12.10 on my second HDD and will be using it to game also (I prefere to game in Linux when possible) I'm only in the setup screens of Ubuntu so far and all my monitors are working but I'll update once the install is finished.

    note: on some ATi/AMD cards you need a DP/Mini-DP connection to support more than three monitors you can get adapators to do dp/Mini-DP to VGA/HDMI/DVI however to support 3+ monitors you need an active adaptor for DVI or HDMI (not VGA) and these can be either A: pricey or B: Difficult to get.

    Just some advice so check you card multi-monitor support requirements
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