Ok so I've just upgraded mythbuntu from 0.25 to 0.26.
I have uploaded some new videos but in mythweb video page the 'Scan Collection' button is missing???

I know i can do a rescan using Terminal and and in the frontend app but thats not ideal for me because:

1. Thats not how i'd like to scan for video changes without screwing up the directory structure and it finding all sorts of stuff i don't want showing up on the frontend.
2. I keep my videos on a separate drive so to get the videos to download through mythweb for web browser playback I manualy delete the symlink to the videos storage location then hit the 'scan collection' button in mythweb and it magically creates a new symlink to the new videos storage location. when ive tried to create the symlink in the past it never works so the videos wont be able to be downloaded throught he mythweb page for playback.

sorry, I'm rubbish at explaining stuff.
my question is:
How can i get the 'Scan Collection' button / functionality back? (without going back to 0.25 of course)