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Thread: Patchage Linux/OS X (Windows???)

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    Question Patchage Linux/OS X (Windows???)

    Would it be possible to compile Patchage on Windows and if so what would be required...

    I use Patchage on my Mac and Ubuntu systems but my Behringer BCA2000 only has Windows XP drivers so I am using Netjack with a XP laptop server to give my other OS's access to the hardware. I would like to use Patchage instead of Qjackctrl on my Windows server thus the reason for my question. I have not complied anything on Windows before but have KDE on Windows and could install Cygwin or MinGW if necessary...

    Any help or direction to an appropriate forum would be appreciated.
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    Re: Patchage Linux/OS X (Windows???)

    I just got interested in this. My other studio has a MOTU HD192 that will never work under Linux. This might help me with an alternative. Qjackctl is subpar for routing though, especially if your working under time constraints.

    I see that Patchage requires Raul and FlowCanvas. There are probably a slew of dependencies if your building for Windows.

    I don't know if this is an option or not, but you can build software in Windows using Cygwin, but I don't know if your really building for Windows or if Cygwin is the Windows version of WINE.

    Can anyone else chime in on this? Can't be that hard to get patchage on Windows, can it?

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