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Thread: Ubuntu 12.10 freezes at boot (Please help)

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    Question Ubuntu 12.10 freezes at boot (Please help)

    This reminds me of Windows era. Seriously never had someting like this with linux. I am strongly thinking going back to Ubuntu 12.04. This is the second big Crash I am having with 12.10.

    Anyway enough ranting.

    My PC died and doesn't start since this morning. I can't even get to the terminal properly. It crashes usually right after
    Starting AppArmor profiles
    , after 5 reboots I managed somehow to bypass that. But still it freezes:

    See screenshot by camera taken:

    I can't Alt-Ctrl-F6 or F7. It is all frozen.

    I recon it is again the ATI display driver. But I am not even given the chance o uninstall it. Unless its something else.

    Please help, I have code that is not checked in
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    Re: Ubuntu 12.10 freezes at boot (Please help)

    Houmie; Hi !

    Have you tried booting up in "recovery mode" ? OR
    have you tried booting up with the kernel option "radeon.modeset=0" ?( then "additional drivers" to install the radeon driver).

    What results ?
    just try'n to help <== BDQ


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