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Thread: emacsclient: command not found

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    emacsclient: command not found

    Hi all,

    New user of Ubuntu (and emacs for that matter).

    Running a 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine on a 64-bit Win7 host.

    My problem is as follows:

    Open emacs 23 and turn on server mode using the command =M-x server-start=.

    Server mode seems to be running (if I try to turn it on again, emacs tells me that a server is already running), but I'm not a very experienced user of emacs, so am somewhat unsure.

    Open a Bash shell and try to call emacsclient to edit some arbitrary script. I.e., type =emacsclient [filename]=.

    Terminal returns error message:

    =emacsclient: command not found=

    EDIT: It occurs to me that, even though I am quite a new user of Ubuntu, this might not be the best place for this question. Mods should of course feel free to move it if they think there is a more appropriate location. Thx

    EDIT: Managed to solve the problem by running =sudo apt-get install --reinstall emacs23-bin-common=.

    Not sure how to mark the thread as *solved*, though.
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