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Thread: Mint 14 w/ Mate and boot: prompt

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    Mint 14 w/ Mate and boot: prompt

    I downloaded Linux Mint 14 with mate 32 bit version ISO yesterday and used the Startup Disk Creator within Ubuntu 10.04.4 to make a live usb stick but when I try to boot to the usb stick, i see a syslinux line and a boot: prompt, am I suppose to type something there and hit enter? If I leave it long enough, it seems to move on by itself with a cursor line blinking on the next line after boot: but nothing ever boots up. ANy thoughts?

    Is the ISO just like Ubuntu ISO's and it's suppose to be a live usb stick?

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    Re: Mint 14 w/ Mate and boot: prompt

    MD5Sum? If not look at this:

    If the MD5 is the same as on the site then i'm not sure, try help in the command line see what options it gives you.
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