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Thread: Firefox launcher problem

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    Re: Firefox launcher problem

    Quote Originally Posted by serdotlinecho View Post
    Unity shortcut hint overlay. Hold superkey and tap the number on keyboard

    I do not have Super key... Old IBM keyboard, pre-pre-Win... I'll have to assign one... Thank You...
    BTW how am I now going to add a new keyboard layout? It doesn't happen in SystemSettings, I should obviously have privilege... New teaser... I'll wait until I have enough time for that...

    Update₁: OK, I've changed Super to another combination and I can now test hints in Launcher... But the question about adding keyboard layout still stands (moved to a new thread:
    (I must admit that most of the time I spend in dwm, spectrwm, fvwm so I'm used to change keyboard layout through setxkbmap, but of course this GUI way worked for me earlier, I do not know if it worked in RR...)
    Thank You for heads up about new feature. I even like it... Excuse me for off-topic here...
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