Hi there,
Lets say i would like to get a gz ultrabook, which would be best quality for the money,
guud performance but not over priced, for example i wouldnt get a mac because its overpriced, and anyway i would be running linux on it.
So i like the officially linux supported dell xps 13 developer edition, but indeed im not sure yet do i even wat to spend this amount of money,
I heard travelmates are good quality for good price, i know samsung and asus are now bestest, hardware wise.
For example asus eeepc 1225b supports full virtualization, and is perfectly portable, while not being cramped and unusable. But would be just slightly not powerfull enough to replace a main pc.
So i would say something like, i5 would be ok for me. And something +/-6GB ddr3 ram, expandable to 8(+)GB would be kinda ok. Lets say 13-14" something would be ok to. And around 1-1.5kg weight. USB 3.0 ofc. As what concerns graphics, doest really matter as long as it works good with linux in dual monitor mode etc. And concerning other spec i suppose it would be something that would be able to play D3 atleast or something. I dont play it at all. Just to referece an advancement level of the graphics. Ah dvd drive is a must. SSD i can put myself in it. What else i forgot? Ah and the price around 1k cash lets say. Im gonna run some virtual machines on it. Must be pretty durable.
So tell me what u think.
thanks in advance,

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