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Thread: Ubuntu Problems Macbook 2,1

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    Ubuntu Problems Macbook 2,1


    I'm developing some problems with my Macbook 2,1 while running Ubuntu 12.10, 32 bit. When I access the terminal and type out commands, the terminal will freeze while in the process of carrying out commands. Other programs are prone to freeze, and I do not care for this Ubuntu experience; however, because my Macbook is well-built, Ubuntu does run quite smoothly and certain apps do work without fault. Nevertheless, I can't play certain games and can not run update commands as I am used to. This is a bit concerning and annoying. I'm also not accustomed to receiving "internal issue" reports, so I'm considering installing other images. However, I am only familiar with 32 bit. What are you considerations?

    Currently, I'm downloading Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit -- with the idea that this should solve my issues; but as I read up on this topic, it seems people are installing x82, etc. I do not know what image works best with my Macbook, and I'd like to hear your considerations.


    MacBook 2,1
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2ghz (dual core)
    Memory 2GB
    GMA 950
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    Re: Ubuntu Problems Macbook 2,1

    After installing Ubuntu 11.10, I haven't had a single problem; and all previous problems have been alleviated.


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