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Thread: Unable to boot due to GNOME Power Manager error

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    Unable to boot due to GNOME Power Manager error


    I had this issue after the last update on my netbook, and am currently stuck at the log in screen, with it continuing to pop back into the log in screen even after I enter my username and password.

    I'm able to pull up the terminal with ctrl, alt, f1, but my problem is that it then asks for the log in of the person who formatted the netbook with Ubuntu, who's log in info I do not have. (Basically when I log in normally there is my name, and his below it, which I have thus unsuccessfully been able to get rid of so ended up just leaving it on there).

    Does anyone know how to switch user to myself instead of his? Or how to delete him as a user so when the terminal pops up it asks for my log in info?

    Hope this makes sense, and thanks in advance.

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    Re: Unable to boot due to GNOME Power Manager error

    When you get to the terminal, it comes up to login.
    This is your user name. After you enter it, then a password
    prompt will ask for your password.


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