Hello guys,

Since I have re-instaleld several times ubuntu 12.10, from a recorded cd with ubuntu 12.04 (My comouter doesnp t detect the ubuntu 12.10 DVD). I have been getting trouble when I use any web browser (chrome chromium or firefox). After a while, it varies a lot, my computer gets stuck and never comes back, I have confirmed it. I was used to the firefox problem with the script, you know the oone that says I scrips is creating trouble you want to stop this script, which gets my computer stuck but eventually my computer came back to normal and I could stop the script. This one in the other side, gets stuck and never comes back I have to reset it. It didn´t happen before the last re-instalation. I had this problem which got olved with the reinstallation, but I have done this so many times I want to try something to solve it with out formating and installing all over again.

This was the other problem:

Any help is well appreciated.