Hi all, im new at the forum, I have a pro-keys 88 and used to have it working property.

Using Qjackctl

to conect the USB soud card from the piano (usually hw:2.0) and using my integrated sound card as output (hw 0,1 or defoult).

I was using guitarix to emulate a guitar amp. and patchage to make my connections

so my capture was conected to guitarix and this to playback, everithing is perfect here.

But someday i just run all the apps and got in capture my internal mic, and since that day Istill getting my mic as capture and it doesnt matter if I change it in jackclt, in sound configurations, if i delet the file .jackctl or whattever i do, still gettin my mic instead of the piano.

Can anybody help me? (english is my second language, sorry for my mistakes)