I planned on wiping my computer using Active Killdisk v4.1 Build 2380 by LSoft Technology. It supports 1 pass 0s of the selected disk. When I booted to the disc and ran it I had forgot that my 2TB external Seagate FA GoFlex Desk hdd was still attached to a USB port. The program initialized and got to 0.04% and I yanked the USB cord out because I had forgotten. I restarted the computer and now I find that the external no longer mounts in Windows or Ubuntu. If I run gparted I can see the external drive though and it says it is "unallocated". If I look at device manager in Windows it shows the correct driver for the hdd. It just refuses to mount!

I wish to be able to repair the (partition tables?) so I can mount it and get all the files still on it. Since it only got to 0.04% I know that my data should be ok (most all of it anyways).

If I can get it to mount anymore I wish to know a effective (possibly quick?) way to retrieve all the data off it.

If anyone has any questions please let me know. I appreciate any info. Thanks