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Thread: Problems with a VB Wxp virtual machine

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    Problems with a VB Wxp virtual machine

    I have Ubuntu 10.10 running as host OS in both the laptop and a desktop PC.

    In the laptop, VB manages a W7, the Wxp virtual machine started to reboot once and again after asking me to check the disk, no way to make it boot. I deleted the VM from inside VB with the Delete All Files option.

    In the desktop PC, VB is managing a Wxp virtual machine. I copied its folder to the laptop to VirtualBox VMs folder.

    Then I created a Wxp virtual machine using the "existing hard disk" and selected the vmdk file. When I started it, the same problem showed up: the Wxp reboots once and again. Of course it works fine in its source desktop PC.

    Seems as if VB is still seeing the old Wxp virtual machine.


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    Re: Problems with a VB Wxp virtual machine

    You need to use "Export Appliance" from the File menu in Virtual Box, rather than copying the folder of the vm. Then, in your other computer, use "Import Appliance".


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