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Thread: Network 2 Lubuntu laptops for use with XBMC

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    Network 2 Lubuntu laptops for use with XBMC

    I've Googled and searched and experimented a ton but this is frustrating me so I came here for help. I'm a Lubuntu/Linux newbie so I'm looking for a solution that isn't totally over my head. I have a 1 TB USB Western digital hard drive with aNTFS Filesytem filled with content hooked up to my Lubuntu 12.10 laptop HTPC living room setup. I also have a Lubuntu 12.10 HTPC netbook setup in my bedroom that I would like to be able to sync up to the content on the 1TB harddrive. My problem is that I cant seem to be able to figure out how to make it work.

    My steps so far -

    1. I used Samba (version on lubuntu software center with a GUI) to set up the USB harddrive as a shared folder.
    2. Installed xbmc Frodo to my netbook bedroom setup
    3. Under Im able to use xbmc "add video source" to "browse" to the SMB->workgroup> but it wont let me access the living room HTPCs files.
    It brings up a lock settings box and asks me for username and password.
    5 I input the username and password of my living room HTPC but nothing happens.

    Im not super strong on the terminal being a totally linux newbie.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Re: Network 2 Lubuntu laptops for use with XBMC

    Figured it out!! Had to use "sudo smbpasswrd -a"
    To set a sbm password

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