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Thread: Autopilot Unity Tests - a more convenient way?

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    Autopilot Unity Tests - a more convenient way?

    I have worked out a method for running those 461 Autopilot Unity tests in batches with a command argument that posts the results into a log file. The tutorial is here. Click on the Autopilot Unity Tests link to go down the page.

    I find this more convenient than running the tests one at a time or all at once. Which were the only options.

    For example, this command will run five tests.

    autopilot run -o . unity.tests.launcher.test_capture
    and this command will run 30 tests.

    autopilot run -o . unity.tests.test_panel.PanelWindowButtonsTests
    That one is untested by me but it should work. So, far I have run 33 of the 57 batches. I am working my way from the smallest batch to the largest batch, the 30 tests batch.

    Update: I have just completed all the batch tests. It takes something like 1 hour 45 minutes. This is longer than running the tests all at once but I can stop and start whenever I like and I do have some idea of where I am in the test series.

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