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Thread: Keyboard/mouse doesn't work during installation

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    Keyboard/mouse doesn't work during installation


    When I try to install Ubuntu 12.04 AND 12.10 on my old computer, the keyboard and mouse stop working. I know that they are working because when I am in BIOS, the keyboard works.

    I already try to do everything:
    • Installed a external keyboard (this keyboards is working on the BIOS too)
    • Try to use another copy of Ubuntu 12.04 AND 12.10
    • Reconnect the keyboard cable.
    • Try to install Ubuntu with a bootable pen-drive

    But the problem persists. What can I do?

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    Re: Keyboard/mouse doesn't work during installation

    have you also that issue when you load ubuntu without installation (from cd or usb : "try ubuntu")

    maybe you need to try with some boot option, like nomodeset or noacpi, or ...

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