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Thread: Dual boot win8 w/ ubuntu issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by dpar18 View Post
    the only one that works is located at EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi.bkp, which boots my system into windows.
    ok , so you did Step 3) of my previous message.

    Now, please do Step 4) :

    4) run Boot-Repair --> Advanced options --> untick "Create backup and rename EFI files" --> tick "Restore EFI backups" --> Apply. Tell us the new URL that will appear. Reboot and tell us what you observe.
    (I expect the "OS boot Manager" entry to work)

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    Re: Dual boot win8 w/ ubuntu issue


    I apologize on the slow response to your last post. I was able to find the kindof hacky work around of, when wanting to boot to windows, spamming the f9 key before the computer reaches the grub menu, allowing me to choose the boot order. This lets me navigate to the windows 8 .efi file. If I don't want windows 8, I just wait for the computer to reach the grub.

    I currently use my computer heavily, and this workaround works, however I plan to follow up and try the other fixes when I have more time. I just wanted to keep it at a fully functional state while I finish off the semester, in case any problems arise when trying the fixes.

    Shall I mark the thread as solved until I plan to return to it?

    Thanks a lot for all of the help so far!

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