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Thread: build opensource cheap urobot?

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    build opensource cheap urobot?


    urobot? - sure, with ubuntu embedded.

    Would you know if it exists a very cheap and with of daily use component to create a robot that moves and see with a webcam.

    I have one with wpa2 wifi, but well, I dont like it since it needs wifi all the time.

    Maybe with an android phone in it? What about it?

    the main problem of spykee is that it does not have android in it.

    I would be happy to have spykee with crontab -e, to start a bash script at boot and allows spyke to see, start ssh connections, ...

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    Re: build opensource cheap urobot?

    how to realize
    such a thing at home?


    we could take an old robot, but how to link Ubuntu with some motors to do things? does it exist some usb arms or wheels?


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