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Thread: Non-stop Firefox 3.5 Updates

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    Non-stop Firefox 3.5 Updates

    Just wondering if anyone knows why Firefox seems to require a new update about every two days. It is starting to annoy me.

    I use 10.04 lucid because I don't want to have to re-personalize a newer version of Ubuntu and like things they way I have them. Everything is working right. But I have the updates set for autoupdate, and literally about every two days it brings up a security update for Firefox. Surely there aren't that many problems with it.

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    Re: Non-stop Firefox 3.5 Updates

    You have an old release so I suspect the updates are for user safety reasons and it's just part of having an older browser.

    Newer Ubuntu versions receive Firefox version updates via the update manager so the user is no longer stuck with the same version for life of the distribution. Security updates for Firefox 3.5 are likely to end in April with all other updates when 10.04 reaches end of life.
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