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Thread: Massive failure upgrading Lucid to Precise

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    Massive failure upgrading Lucid to Precise

    I did some searching but did not find anything like my problem. I was running Kubuntu 10.04 that was updated, with some third-party PPAs. Everything was working fine, but decided to upgrade to 12.04, given that support for 10.04 would not last much longer. At a terminal, I typed "sudo do-release-upgrade". It started downloading, and then installing. It said that there were errors, and now I have no networking. My version claims that it is still Lucid. However, since knetwork now no longer works (I get: "KNetworkManager cannot start because the installation is misconfigured....") , I cannot do much of anything else.
    It is not easy to give any more details because I now have to type these error messages in by hand to another computer.

    Since I have no connectivity, I cannot upload any logs or error reports. Neither can I reproduce the error messages that came with trying to upgrade.

    I would be willing to try a fresh install, but would need some direction since I have a fully encrypted hard drive, LVM, separate home directory partition, etc.

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Re: Massive failure upgrading Lucid to Precise

    If packages are downloaded and started to install try with

    sudo apt-get -f install
    sudo dpkg --configure -a
    Maybe these commands resolve your problem.
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