I'm confused and I'm hoping that someone can help straighten me out.

So, I was looking at the keyboard on the Bonobo Extreme.

The Bonobo Extreme appears to be based on the Clevo P370EM. According to every other Clevo reseller I've contacted, there is NO SUPPORT for programatically changing the color of the backlight beneath the keyboard under Linux. This only works with special software under Windows.

According to the email I received from System 76 a few days ago, changing the color of the backlight DOES WORK under Linux. How is this possible?

I sifted through the the system 76 driver package and couldn't find any special drivers or software for this functionality, but yet, I see this animated gif on the System 76 website.

What manner of black magic is this? Can anyone explain this and more importantly, point me towards the software/driver that accomplishes this?

Thanks a million!