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Thread: Can an Idea be Stolen?

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    Re: Can an Idea be Stolen?

    Quote Originally Posted by pompel9 View Post
    USA has a backward patent system. But what can you expect, USA is the home of lawyers and suing.
    But that was not the original Masonic vision for the country.the original vision was that no suit be undertaken or entertained for monetary gain.
    The the church gained ascendancy. And their new golden rule. " do unto others before they do unto you."
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    Re: Can an Idea be Stolen?

    Quote Originally Posted by grahammechanical View Post
    It is possible to buy patents and then claim what is covered by the patents is your Intellectual Property. But is it their ideas, their work, their innovation? And yet those who buy these patents claim a right to be rewarded for their innovation.
    They paid for them from the original owner which transfers the rights. Common legal principle.

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    Re: Can an Idea be Stolen?

    Quote Originally Posted by KiwiNZ View Post
    So you can write a book and protect it but cannot write code and protect it, hmm odd
    if the book was a line by line copy of the original then no it's not ok to copy without permission. But, if you come out with something similar like west side story and romeo and Juliet then you really shouldn't be punished for similar thinking. If you write a program say a media player there is nothing really unique about another music player. And since they perform the same function the underlying code is bound to be similar. Imagine a world where quicktime tried to sue vlc.
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    Whoever came up with the phrase "There is no such thing as a stupid question" obviously never had the internet.

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