So I joined up with a VPN service for privacy and freedom's sake and I set it up using OpenVPN and network manager. I found, to my delight, that all traffic goes through the OpenVPN connection by default when it's turned on. COOL!

PROBLEM: I can no longer SSH into my computer. I normally SSH into my box by way of my regular net connection, since my dynamic DNS client runs on my router.

I have port forwarding set up on my router to send SSH traffic (on standard port 22) to my computer's static LAN IP. This used to work before I had OpenVPN turned on, now it doesn't.

I guess the problem is that the SSH traffic is being forwarded to my computer from my gateway, then trying to go from my computer to its Internet destination by way of tun0 (the OpenVPN device) since it's the default.

I've been puzzling with iptables and SNAT POSTROUTING rules but I can't figure it out. Last thing I tried was this:

root@host# iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -j SNAT -p tcp --dport 22 --to
I was attempting to just send any traffic on port 22 back to the gateway at, since LAN traffic seems to be excluded by default from the VPN connection. It didn't work.

So, I'm stumped. Anyone out there have any ideas as to how to solve this problem?