OK I think it works I can boot into both Ubuntu and windows 8 (through the UEFI Windows selection on grub2) after selecting UEFI windows in grub 2 it takes me to a Windows Advance startup page where i can select start windows, repair etc.

I thought it would load directly to windows8 but I am satisfied with this as long as it works. Thank you so much oldfred and YannBuntu. I will mark thread as solved and also write my exact cumputer model and hardware and the eact steps i took to get it working so people with the same computer and issue can just follow.

Also I think it may have worked on an earlier try but like an idiot i never tried to hit the start windows from that second windows page that you go to from grub. Since i purchased a Japanese computer (and i CANT read Japanese I just ignored it on the earlier attempts) I live in Japan so and it was cheaper for me to buy here and my wife gets discount so that is reason I have JP computer.

Again Thank you so much!