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Thread: BIOS security

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    BIOS security

    Hi. Through my clumsiness, I jammed my keyboard, and inadvertently pressed some keys which brought up a terminal screen, asking me to re login. After I did so, I noticed a line on the screen, line which told me my security wasn't what it should be, and I should check my BIOS settings.
    So, What should my settings there look like, or be.
    P>s. I'm running 10.04

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    Re: BIOS security

    The key combination that you pressed might have been <ctrl><alt><F1> (or <F2>..<F6>). Those take you to a console where you can login.

    You can get back to the graphical environment using <ctrl><alt><F7> (sometimes <F8>).

    Can you post the exact message that you got?
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