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Thread: Very unstable internet

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    Angry Very unstable internet

    Hi, this is my first post,but this problem needs to be solved! I recently upgraded my PC from lubuntu to xubuntu. This is because I was fed up with basic features. Don't worry, my PC can handle xubuntu, it is working as fast as it did with lubuntu.

    It keeps asking for my authentication key, then it will try to connect for 2 mins then it pops up again. Occasionaly, it says it connects, but then it disconnects 2 seconds later. This is UNBEARABLE.

    Here are my wireless properties, I ran nm-tool

    NetworkManager Tool

    State: disconnected

    - Device: eth0 -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Type: Wired
    Driver: forcedeth
    State: unavailable
    Default: no
    HW Address: 76:15:64:EA:0F:00

    Carrier Detect: yes

    Wired Properties
    Carrier: off

    - Device: wlan0 ----------------------------------------------------------------
    Type: 802.11 WiFi
    Driver: rt2800usb
    State: disconnected
    Default: no
    HW Address: 7CD:90:13:CC:B7


    Wireless Properties
    WEP Encryption: yes
    WPA Encryption: yes
    WPA2 Encryption: yes

    Wireless Access Points
    WiFi-TalkTalk-Conway@Conway: Infra, 00:22:B0C:E5:AA, Freq 2452 MHz, Rate 54 Mb/s, Strength 55 WPA
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    Re: Very unstable internet

    Title really needs to be about wireless connection, not internet.

    Can you connect with a wire? Does this behave itself?

    How far away are you from the router/access point ? Did you have good connection before on same machine with lubuntu?

    When you say updated to xubuntu, do you mean fresh install or installed xubuntu-desktop? Which release ?

    Report back with output from ifconfig / iwconfig.
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