I just installed a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 and during install selected to have grub put on it's own partition for the boot device since I use the Windows 7 boot manager for my booting. I also boot Ubuntu version 10.04 with the 7 and 12.04. I use Easy BCD to configure the boot menu, and did add in my new 12.04, but when I select it to boot it re-directs to the 10.04 grub menu. So I added the 12.04 in the neo-grub option in Easy BCD which now does boot up 12.04. I did try to run; grub-install /dev/sda7 in a terminal which failed due to the use of blocklists. The 12.04 is on sda7, 10.04 on sda6, and windows 7 is on sda1. So how can I install a working grub 2 onto the root partition of 12.04 so it can be booted directly ?