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Thread: Audio over HDMI issues

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    Re: Audio over HDMI issues

    The mythtv dev who implemented the HDA HDMI audio stuff did recommend alsa 1.0.25 (from git only at the time).
    I believe the ELD reporting only works properly from 1.0.25.
    Hard to say if this has any impact on your issue.

    I'm using alsa 1.0.26 (but not the kernel module) because problems with couple of alsa-plugins.
    Updating the user space code is actually quite straightforward.
    A very useful trick was finding a one-line patch to avoid the 1GB xml bloatware dependency.

    *buntu 12.04 has been using alsa 1.0.25 since Feb 2012 (before release)..don't know why mythbuntu 12.04 should indicate alsa 1.0.24..

    A easy kernel module upgrade (dkms) that does not break with kernel updates is:

    VLC (old version) & AC3 output:
    Use advanced settings..
    Set "Use S/PDIF when available"
    Don't set "Force detection of dolby surround"..this is just fake prologic nonsense.
    Set the alsa Device name to " HDA NVidia HDMI (hw:1,7)"

    Play a DVD & then select "Audio Track" to be AC3 or DTS.

    Don't set audio output device to be "alsa surround5.1", the default setting of this is an discrete analogue output.
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    Re: Audio over HDMI issues

    I'm not sure how or what I did (I was trying so many different things) from settings in mythtv, playing with the receiver and installing/uninstalling nvidia* drivers, something finally worked. I think I'm currently using the experimental 310 drivers. I kept trying different things and rebooting until my surround was working!

    I wanted to thank you BicyclerBoy and the rest of the people who helped me here! Without the advise here, I wouldn't have gotten this working!!

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    Re: Audio over HDMI issues

    Curious if you have tried this hard ware with an other operating system? Wondering if this is a Mythtv problem or just an driver problem why you can't get audio from HDMI. Have found the Audio setup in Mythtv 0.25 Front End to be very helpful in selecting correct audio device. Can only ask if you have tried the obvious in Audio setup and selected scan for hardware and tried the audio channel test on every single device detected by mythtv?

    Also, have you chosen the audio test on the stereo setting? Or have you tried the test on 5.1 channels. I experienced the problem of the no audio if I tried the channel test on the wrong number speakers on my television speakers. My 60" Panasonic television will only output stereo, so if I tried the mythtv audio channel test in 5.1, I would get no sound.

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