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Thread: Scrambled monitor external works fine.

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    Scrambled monitor external works fine.

    I replace my Dell D610 motherboard after the ATI x300 graphics in it died.
    The new board has a problem: the internal monitor is always scrambled. From boot (bios screen) to fully booted. External monitor works fine all the time, every time.
    I tested with both ubuntu and windows xp.
    I'm pretty sure its a hardware fault. I checked all cables, connectors, heatsinks.. They all seem good.
    Anything else I can do/check?

    If I can't fix it I'll just keep using it with the external monitor..
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    Re: Scrambled monitor external works fine.

    It does sound like hardware but there is one more test to make sure. Get an iso of Knoppix and burn it to write once only dvd or cd ( it's frequently useful so it's well worth getting the big one. ). Unlike most distro's Knoppix includes most of the main non-free drivers which is why it is such a good hardware tester, it also has many useful tools and superb hardware detection. It's designed to be run live, I think they were actually the first to produce a live distro.
    If Knoppix won't run it is probably hardware, if it does obviously not. The full bells and whistles require a fair bit of ram, it has the compiz desktop cube with gears inside it on a default bootup, so if low on ram look at the large number of boot options. Runs fine on my 1.8GB though.

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