I recently purchased a new toshiba ultra book that comes pre-installed with windows 8. I'm trying to duel boot 12.10 with it and I have run into a problem with the installer. When I get to the page to pick the partitions i get this:

No drives are listed and the only thing in that device drop down is /dev/sda

if i click install now or +/-/change i get an ubuntu has stopped working error message.

I'm trying to install off a 12.10 64 bit usb drive. In uefi mode and i have tried it with secure boot both enabled and disabled with the same results.

The harddrive set up is as follows:
500 GB main drive
  • windows recovery - primary
  • efi boot section - primary
  • Windows' partion (280 GB i believe) - primary
  • unallocated space i created for ubuntu partition (200ish GB)
  • another windows recovery partition - primary

12 GB solid state drive
  • all unalloced space

could it be a problem with the amount of primary drives? i think i read somewhere about a max of 4.