Everyone has embarrassing moments. I just had one that involved a command-line tool and I thought it would be fun to ask you guys to post all of your stupid, embarrassing moments.

I'll start with mine:

I was talking to this girl that I've been dating for a few weeks, and she is a Linux SysAdmin with about the same level of experience as me.
While talking to her, we start getting into more personal topics.

So at the same time, I am going through the LFS 7.5 manual.

So I say "You know what I really want you to do?"
and she says "What's that?"

At the same time I type into Facebook Messenger (I thought I was typing into the terminal):
/usr/bin/strip --strip-unneeded

At least she thought it was funny and replied with "mount: only root can do that"

Now tell me some of your stories