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Thread: Anyone ordering a Pengpod?

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    Re: Anyone ordering a Pengpod?

    I have had my pengpod for about a month and am writing with it now.
    I was not excited about about lubuntu and because of my inexperience, with linux and tablets I ended up just using android and use my sd card for storage. I am really just seeing what I even want a tablet for...So for now android, certainly isn't REAL linux, is better than win and apple.

    While the tablet idea is very cool, you can see how it could just end up as a bucket for apps.

    so to answer your question. There are links on the pengpod site. What i found was ubuntu would have to wipe out android. and Plasma-active was not all that compatible ( those are the two systems i looked at).

    I also had a lot of trouble getting permission to add/remove ANYTHING from the SD card. I got there in the end using "gksudo nautilus" and lots of WARNINGS be careful using this command.

    I found it was not as simple as load img to sd card boot tablet.
    but there is plenty of info if you want to make the effort

    Good luck, have fun!!
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