Hello everyone,

So I really have no idea why, but my workspace switcher's union rep contacted me, and it's on strike.

-I either have 1 desktop, or 4 desktops
-with 4 desktops everything opens in workspace 1 or when I switch to another workspace everything stops responding (but the background will still change, music still plays, viedos etc) the pannel disapers and all input methods stop responding.

-(this one has been happening for some time, and just got filed under annoying, but since everything went strange) When I have a window maximized and switch desktops it goes along with me and shows up on that workspace. This happens with non maximized windows as well but not as frequently.

-(Also filled under annoying) I used to be able to just drag a window to another desktop. This no longer works. Or it will visually move the window to the new workspace but then as soon as I release the window it goes back to wherever it was orriginally. (Just used right click and send to workspace for a workaround)

I am using gnome clasic 12.04 with compiz enabled. Any help in fixing any of this would be greatly apprecieated.