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Thread: i tunes?

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    i tunes?

    Can I tunes be run on Ubuntu?

    If not what about jailbreaks for i phone?

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    Re: i tunes?

    Quote Originally Posted by MrNewie View Post
    Can I tunes be run on Ubuntu?
    You could try the emulation program - WINE. And install iTunes for Windows in WINE.

    Or you could check out VLC

    Not sure how jail breaking a smart phone will help you with iTunes and Ubuntu

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    Re: i tunes?

    Just a warning I have tried to install iTunes on WINE before and it didn't work. On top of not working, it was a really messy install and put files all over the place and broke a bunch of stuff.

    I searched for a long time for a way to get iTunes on Ubuntu but I never found one. I also tried other things like Rhythmbox to interface with my iPod. Unfortunately that didnt work for me either and ended up corrupting my iPod software and I had to do a factory reset.

    Eventually I gave up and just use my laptop that runs Windows to interface with my iPod. I tried this with iTunes 10 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Hope you find a solution.

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    Re: i tunes?

    Me too!
    As long as you can, forget the iTunes and stick with Ubuntu's player. Maybe it was not as good as iTunes, but it will be the compatible one.
    * Rhythmbox
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    Re: i tunes?

    * Clementine
    * Exaile
    * Guayadeque
    * Audacious

    Some more to check out.
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