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Thread: Trying to install 12.04 server on a machine

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    Trying to install 12.04 server on a machine

    Hey everybody. I've recently gotten my hands on a standard consumer desktop ($100 ASUS micro ATX mobo, i5-2500K) which I will be using as a server (i.e. headless, no screen/keyboard etc.).

    As my graphics card is currently being RMAd, my usual desktop's Ubuntu 11.04 won't run graphics properly, so I'm stuck in Winbloze (7) for a week or two.

    I followed the instructions here to make a USB stick with 12.04 server on it. The file is named "ubuntu-12.04.1-server-amd64.iso", and in the drop down menu of the PDL program I selected "Ubuntu 12.04 Server Installer", being the only selection with "12.04" and "server" in the same line. I thought it was curious that the desktop versions didn't have the "Installer" qualifier while the server versions did, but I continued on anyways.

    I plugged the new server into my monitor and keyboard temporarily to run the install. I plugged in my now live-disc'd flash drive and booted it. The mobo screen came up fine, then the live-disc's language selection screen, and then keyboard layout. After the keyboard layout selection, it said "Your installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted", and if I skipped that, the install failed.

    In my previous attempts to install various forms of Ubuntu/Mint desktops I've never gotten such an error. I thought the live-disc would be able to do everything itself.

    What exactly am I doing wrong? I'm only barely-proficient in this sort of thing, so there could potentially be a variety of things wrong.
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