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Thread: GTA install

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    GTA install

    GTA San Andreas downloaded from steam and installed and now it is a black screen with white rectangles for menus and the mouse pointer is a white square. >_> any tips here ?

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    Post Re: GTA install

    You have to hit "Enter" to start the game.
    GTA refuses to open Some times gta may fail to start even when you haven't touched (modded) anything. In this case delete the file gta_sa.set inside the Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files directory and restart the app. You will have to reset your gta sa settings.

    CJ and peds are too dark
    If cj isn't light correctly and appears very dark try disabling glsl. You can disable it using the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine\Direct3D\UseGLSL > "disabled" Or use winetricks/playonlinux

    Slow Play If you have problems with slow play, go to your winecfg and disable support for Vertex Shader and Pixel Shader

    Controllers & Keyboards
    Joysticks and joypads will create a conflict with the keyboard keys making the character (CJ) uncontrollable. Disable all controllers before running the game to avoid this issue.

    Load a saved game not work Try this: winetricks d3dx9

    Intro videos not work In some cases this fix can backfire, doing that your game does not start anymore.Make a backup of your .wine folder or create new wineprefix for test before continuing.

    1) Install the ugly plugins for gstreamer (the name of package depends of your distribuition)
    2) Install the quartz and devenum: winetricks quartz devenum
    3) Install ffdshow: winetricks ffdshow (during installation, check the box of MPEG1 and MPEG2)
    4) Test your game.

    If you can not start your game, restore the backup or back to original wineprefix. # 9127

    Fonts Issue If you have issues with fonts, try (type in the terminal): winetricks allfonts
    Try these. More system specs? Wine version?
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    Re: GTA install

    Quote Originally Posted by Dlambert View Post
    Try these. More system specs? Wine version?
    Wine version 1.4 set to Vista compat. the game loads but there is no graphics or text just squares and rectangles. same with xp compat mode.


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