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Thread: File copy freezes

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    Question File copy freezes

    I have just installed Lubuntu 12.10 on an old NEC Powermate.

    The issue I have is I cannot copy files over the Network to either of my hard disks in the machine. The first file (or 2) copy, then the copying freezes. I have tried the following:-

    I am copying from another Lubuntu PC here is a summary of what does and does not work:-
    1.)Using PCManFm to sda3 (Reiser) Fail (File 1 14K)
    2.)Using PCManFm to sda2 (ext4) Fail (File 1 0bytes )
    3.)One file at a time Pass Reiser OK ext4 OK
    4.)Using Nautilus to Reiser Fail 15 files created, some 0 bytes
    5.)Using Nautilus to Ext4 Fail 9 files created, some 0 bytes
    6.)From USB to Reiser OK almost instant
    7.)Replace Network card (3Com) with NE2000 Compatible still fails after 1 file.
    8.)Using CP command from terminal. Same error, hangs during second file
    9.) copy to this PC from the other PC Pass, works just fine.
    The fact that the USB copy works 'seems' to indicate a Network issue, but I downloaded updates all OK, and I have used BBC Iplayer to view/listen, and as test 9 above shows, I can copy to the PC from another one, it is only copying from another PC to this one that does not work! I guess that is a work-around of sorts, but hardldy satisfactory.

    My next test is to install Lubuntu 12.04 on this box, which I have working fine elsewhere.

    Not seen this problem on any posts despite quite a wide search: anyone any ideas?

    Installation of Lubuntu 12.04 completed quicker than expected. Filecopy using PCManFM (default file manager) worked perfectly. Looks like a 12.10 specific issue.
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