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Thread: Transitions

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    info: Here are details about transitions.

    For now,
    Dear Ubuntu developers,

    I intend to upload libav 9 to raring rather sooner than later. I'm writing you because:

    - the package is not in debian/unstable yet, but currently sitting in NEW, targeted at experimental (but syncing is not possible anyway)
    - I don't think that there will be a similar fallout like the last big libav package, but given that some more internal API got dropped and there are a number of packages in the archive that use deprecated APIs, there will be some problems.
    - I remember that Collin requested such big updates to be announced before on this mailing list. I'm doing it with this email.
    - gstreamer (via gst-libav) requires this version.

    All relevant SONAMEs have been bumped, so existing binaries should not be broken by this upload. See for an overview of the most important changes.
    Preview packages are available in ppa:motumedia/libav-daily

    I would suggest to upload the package now so that we have enough time to deal with packages that require cleaning ups, in case that would happen

    Here you can find all:
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    Re: Transitions

    Good, (if it ups the versioning of libavcodec, ect. which seems likely.
    Then if someone bothers to rebuild audacious-plugins there will again be a ffaudio plugin
    (the attention paid to audacious plugins over the last 3 or 4 Ubuntu releases is pitiful, part of the fallout of Debian/Ubuntu using Libav instead of FFmpeg


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