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Thread: how to fix damaged mp3 in ubuntu?

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    how to fix damaged mp3 in ubuntu?

    Could you please help me with this, I know it's just about downloading a programm, but I wouldn't have posted this if I didn't need to know about the specific problem, which might be irreparable: I had some mp3 which used to work, and now when I open them they are played like for half a second, and no sound. I tried importing them to audacity, but the importing got stuck, pressed "stop" and the files were 5 seconds long and when played they had a very weird sound. I thought that they were speed up, but slowed them down and it was just the same weird sound but slower.
    So, first, is this reparable? and if it is, how can I solve it with Ubuntu (I have ubuntu studio)?

    And also, which program works for converting pcm to mp3 in ubuntu studio? i heard one can't install anything or it might generate conflict.
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    Re: how to fix damaged mp3 in ubuntu?

    I had this very problem when my Android phone "fried" my SD card. Every tune only then played for a few seconds. I tried several well-known data recovery apps and NONE of them were able to restore the original MP3 files.

    So, the first thing I would do is look at the sizes of the files. Typical file sizes range from 3MB to 10MB or more. IF your files are much smaller than that, they have been corrupted and it's not likely that you will be able to get them back.
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