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Thread: Ubuntu on mac pro with already installed windows partition

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    Question Ubuntu on mac pro with already installed windows partition

    Hello guys, I am totally noob to ubuntu.

    I have been always using MAC OS at home, but after mountain lion I got tired of it. At work we have fedora and performance really impressed me.

    My problem is I am in the middle of a personal project and I wouldn't like to have any trouble about booting again into OSX till I get used to linux enough to make the final jump.

    Here is my question: I have a partition in my mac with a useless windows on it. If I install ubuntu from there, do I have to install the boot application recommended in the mac dual boot ubuntu installation? Or is there anyway to jump that step , install ubuntu over that windows partition and leave the boot of mac intact?

    My computer is an 8 core mac pro early 2008

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    PD I was looking in the threads for a similar question but I couldn't find it, if I missed it up I apologize.
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