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Thread: Ubuntu installs, Lubuntu installer crashes

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    Ubuntu installs, Lubuntu installer crashes

    Hi, I'm re-doing my Acer Aspire One and want to install Lubuntu.

    But the installer crashes with "ubi-console-setup crashed, exit code 1"

    But Ubuntu 12.04 installs fine.

    In both cases I am installing from a USB stick (one per os). The sticks were set up under Windows using Lili USB Creator, and in both cases the .iso files were downloaded from


    Lubuntu: )

    It seems there might be some issue with the Lubuntu installer?

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    Lightbulb Re: Ubuntu installs, Lubuntu installer crashes

    it would have been wiser to use the PenDriveLinux usb creator. Somehow I always run into a brick wall when i used to try LiLi. Pendrive

    Download the Universal USB Creator.

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    Re: Ubuntu installs, Lubuntu installer crashes

    Thank you dzponce11,

    Using PenDriveLinux there was no install crash. The install completed succssfully and the system rebooted. Many thanks for your help!

    Possible setup bug:

    During setup, there are various screens used to obtain information from the user about the settings. One is the "Choose a Picture" screen.

    With Ubuntu's install, the laptop's camera was turned on, and a selection of generic images were provided. With Lubuntu, neither occurred: both windows are blank. This whether using PenDriveLinux or Lili, so it must be a bug in the .iso

    Where's good to report this?


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