there's been changes at last.fm recently - the old api is finally not working anymore although the new api has been in use for a couple of years already.
most apps have adapted to that long ago.
but it seems that something else has happened, some change in policy, that makes it harder to use apps with a free account.

what are peoples experiences with the new api, with linux apps to listen to last.fm, with a free account or subscription?
what apps are there to listen to last.fm?
my own experiences are with vagalume and shell-fm - vagalume still plays my default radio station (recommended) but i can't change anything. it's still scrobbling.
shell-fm newest from github implements the new api but i can't listen anymore - it's telling me to get a subscription.

i can still listen with my browser but i'd prefer to listen with an app.

i really can't find a definite statement on this, though it seems to me that last.fm themselves say: it is still possible to use 3rd party apps in countries other than uk, us or germany. i myself am in finland so it should be possible? confusing.