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Thread: Using K9Copy to rip DVDs

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    Re: Using K9Copy to rip DVDs

    Quote Originally Posted by evilsoup View Post
    You will probably be better off using h.264 video in an MP4 rather than xvid: it has higher compression (smaller files for the same quality), and the raspberry pi can decode h.264 in the GPU, so it should run perfectly well.

    I don't use K9Copy, so I don't know if it supports h.264; I rip an ISO & convert it using handbrake, from this PPA.
    +1 for handbrake, by far the best. Tried dvdrip, always seems to be some problem. Heard that k9copy is good too but the developer has quit and it is no longer maintained.

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    Re: Using K9Copy to rip DVDs

    +2 For Handbrake it's so easy to use

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