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Thread: Flash (ustream) and additional capture devices

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    Flash (ustream) and additional capture devices

    Hello all, first time poster here.

    I am building a machine that will ultimately be a Ustream / multiple webcam host for a school radio station.

    I'm running webcamstudio. The way it works is it recognises multiple webcams and allows you to switch between them. The output from webcamstudio is as a virtual capture device. In my case, /dev/video2

    At the moment I am just testing with one camera connected.

    Everything before flash seems to be working ok. I am previewing the camera fine, I can open /dev/video2 in VLC and all is working fine.

    The problem is that when I choose my capture device in Ustream, the only capture device it see's is /dev/video0. Even right clicking on flash, going into settings, the only camera listed in the drop down menu is the camera I have connected (/dev/video0) rather than the ouput from webcamstudio which is dev/video2.

    I"m testing this with the latest version of Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04 (had mad problems trying to get webcamstudio to even install on ubuntu 12). Firefox + flash doesnt seem to work at all. Flash just crashes.. Despite both being the latest versions.

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Flash (ustream) and additional capture devices

    have you checked their forums for help? im actually compiling the latest webcam studio as we speak following this tutorial.

    did you install version in the repo or did you compile? i am also using 10.04.4. i'll let you know how it goes. How come you it's /dev/video2 and not video0? do you have other /dev/video devices?

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    Re: Flash (ustream) and additional capture devices

    Hi there!

    No, didn't compile, just installed the latest release. I think its /dev/video2 because theres a capture card in this machine... I'll play around and see what I can muster.


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